Car Insurance Lawyer | Will Your Car Insurance Company Provide A Lawyer?
Car Insurance Lawyer | Will Your Car Insurance Company Provide A Lawyer?

Car Insurance Lawyer | Will Your Car Insurance Company Provide A Lawyer?

Posted on –  Car Insurance Lawyer | Will Your Car Insurance Company Provide A Lawyer?, What happens if I ever get into a car accident? Could it seem that you are to blame? You have the possibility of being sued by the other party if they believe you caused the accident, even if you were not at fault.

So the most common question that often arises is, will the car insurance company hire a lawyer for you or not? Today, the question is being answered by affordable car insurance companies that have been in business for a long time.

The insurance company must protect you; Therefore, they must provide legal representation if you are sued. In some cases, the auto insurance company must pay the cost of the claim to the alleged victim. In some cases, when the auto insurance company does not pay the cost or the full cost of a claim, you may be sued.

How do car insurance policies protect you?

Usually, every auto insurance policy contains similar language, stating that the insurance company will provide the policy holder with an attorney if he is ever involved in a car accident and sued for damages as a result of the accident. Car Insurance Lawyer The contractual “responsibility to protect” part is required of the insurance company to offer each of the different liability coverage options on your policy. Some consumers purchase liability insurance to ensure that they will not personally get into financial trouble if an accident affects property, their car, or a small business.

Car Insurance Lawyer | Will Your Car Insurance Company Provide A Lawyer?
Car Insurance Lawyer | Will Your Car Insurance Company Provide A Lawyer?

Cases in which the insurance company cannot provide a lawyer

As with some legal rules, there are several exceptions to the duty to protect. Let’s now take a look at the different situations in which an insurance company is not automatically obligated to protect you in the event of a car accident.

You did not report the accident

The obligation to protect is void if the insured does not notify the insurance company of the accident, at least in accordance with the specific conditions stipulated in the insurance policy. Car Insurance Lawyer, This is true if the delay causes any threat to the insurer’s ability to properly investigate the accident or mitigate losses related to the other party’s driver’s claim.

This cannot be used as an excuse for not giving notice to the insurance company within the specified period. In particular, suppose you are seriously injured and require hospitalization or are physically or mentally unable to notify the insurance company of the accident. In this case, it would be an extenuating circumstance to justify the lack of proper notice.

Don’t risk it. Always do this the same day or the next day if you ever get into a car accident that you can’t notify the insurance company.

Car Insurance Lawyer, An intentional act that caused the accident.
If the insured is accused of willfully acting or causing a motor vehicle accident, the insured may cancel the coverage entirely and void the obligation to protect.

Auto insurance policies only cover intentional acts, not intentional acts. Therefore, whatever the cause, the insured is accused of willfully causing the crash of the car, as there is a real possibility that the insurance company will refuse coverage and deny the insured’s defense attorney in any lawsuit filed for a collision.

Take, for example, drunk driving. Many insurance companies claim that drunk driving is behavior intentionally done on behalf of an insured driver; Therefore, in the event of a drunk driving accident, the insurance company may deny coverage for any claims related to the accident.

Collision damage to another driver exceeds policy limits

Another important exception to the insurance company’s obligation is the suggestion of an attorney who can apply. At the same time, the damage is already paid for by the insurance company, which corresponds to your premium coverage limit. As a general rule, once the insurance company has made the payment, the insured has no further obligations.

It is extremely important to be aware of the insurance company’s legal obligations in this situation, which can vary from state to state. So while you’re in the situation, it makes sense to talk to an injury attorney on your own.

What if the insurance company does not provide a lawyer?

You may be at fault for a car accident and face a lawsuit filed by another driver. However, your insurance company states that they are not required to pay an attorney to defend you in court. Car Insurance Lawyer, So what should be done? The first step is to get the insurance company to declare this based on the written decision.

Then you can decide